Hey, Ciao

My name is Alice Stivala and I am a visual designer.

Alice in a few words:
  • Design enthusiast;
  • Curious;
  • Willing to learn new things;
  • Novelty-addicted;
  • Loves working with languages;
  • Appreciates diversity;
  • Unstoppable when in a creative mood!

Designing, exploring

Although I am always exploring the huge world of design along with its many branches, my main passion and field of expertise is visual design. I love communication in all its facets.

The thrill you feel with the beginning of a new project and the sensation of creative freedom given by a sheet of white paper are some of the characteristics which made me fall in love with the design world and led me to choose this career path.

Some of my main interests:

Graphic design, branding, illustration, editorial design, digital art, new media in art&design, photography, languages, cooking, food & drinks

I often like using the adjective novelty-addicted to describe myself, it suits me as a dominant trait in my personality; whether it's tasting an unfamiliar dish or testing a new tool in a software, experiencing new situations is just the best thing for me

Also due to my past abroad study and work experiences, I appreciate working with languages and in multicultural envirorments. That kind of contexts allow me to confront myself with stories and realities that widen my vision of the world and revive my everyday life.